Vancouver, Commodore Ballroom

There have already been plenty of reviews of the shows so I will try to make this as brief as possible. Let's see...first the setlist:

  1. "Everybody's Working for the Weekend" (Loverboy)
  2. ( )
  3. Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz
  4. The Bends - Aqua Swing
  5. "La Lucertola" (Ennio Morricone)
  6. Carry Stress In The Jaw
  7. The Bends - Love On The Event Horizon
  8. The Bends - Panic In Blue
  9. Chemical Marriage
  10. Platypus
  11. Secret Song
  12. Travolta
  13. "Everybody's Working For the Weekend" (Loverboy)
  14. ? (Mukerjee)
  15. Everyone I went to High School With Is Dead
  16. ( ) Noise with squeaking sound effects

The show was amazing, but that kinda goes without saying. From where I was it was hard to see Theo and Bar so I couldn't really tell if they were wearing masks, but everyone else except for Mike were masked. The did the Loverboy cover twice, my guess is because Loverboy is from Vancouver (I think). Also, they all wore these little red headbands that looked very funny, just like Mike Reno (the singer from Loverboy) used to wear.

There were two back up bands, I didn't catch the name of the first band, and of course, Melt Banana. I can't really give a review of either of these bands since I spent the entire time talking to Danny (about an hour and a half). I spotted him walking through the crowd and nobody even looked at him, but fortunately, thanks to a description that I read in a post (I think it was Windy), I spotted him and called him over. All I can say is that he is the nicest guy and we talked about pretty much every topic (both band related and non-band related). The guy even went backstage and grabbed us a couple of beers, and of course, he showed off his Mookie Wilson fake ID and laminated baseball card. A very down to earth guy.


A guy on my hockey team was in a band that used to occasionally open for Bungle. He always summed up Bungle best by saying that their live shows were either brilliant or self-indulgent nonsense. The Vancouver show was.....interesting.

The show started with one of the band members throwing red headbands in to the crowd for no apparent reason. The band then came out also wearing red headbands and broke in to a searing rendition of Loverboys "Working for the weekend" which was obviously a little "tribute" to the Vancouver rock scene. Very amusing.

Mike was in an exceptionally cynical mood which wasn't surprising as the Vancouver crowd always has that drunk redneck "play some fuckin music asshole" section. I tried desperately to grab the set list because it appeared to have 11 songs but I only recognized five discernable songs. The rest was just ambient experimentation. A band member would latch on to a noise and the rest would join in until they grew bored of it. The only song from the first album was TRAVOLTA and that actually sounded so "straight ahead" compared to the rest of the evening. They stayed away from the thrash bits most of the night and when they did Trey had his guitar turned down very low so as not to overcome the flutes and percussion. They finished the set with Loverboy again and shuffled off for a few minutes. They came back on and did a spanish song and then a 15 minute sound experiment jam.

The show was originally supposed to be in a small club but the ticket demand pushed it in to a larger venue which was unfortunate. If it had just been hard-core Bungle fans I am sure it would have been more warmly received. But that is Bungle!!! They have never tried to fool anyone as far as their musical direction.

There was some really great jazz playing but it was a test of endurance for the audience. They are trying too hard to be avant-garde. It still seems fairly forced but as their careers progress I am sure they will figure out where to draw the line.

I realize that every Bungle show is different but if you are looking for thrash mayhem then be prepared. It was pretty "out there" ambient sound.


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