Portland (OR), La Luna

On tuesday, December 12th, the day Mr. Bungle was to play at La Luna in Portland Oregon, the biggest storm to hit Portland since sometime in the 1960's trashed my town, putting just about everyone out of power, killing a few unlucky people, make a house down my street explode (literally). I was VERY worried that the Bungle show would be cancelled, and rightly so...

Well, I continuously call the venue all day, only to hear their out of date pre-recorded concert calender. I figure the show is most likely cancelled and spend the entire day in a cold, powerless house, moping about and feeling sorry for myself that I would miss my favorite bands show.

Well, as Andrew asked in his review of the Texas shows (wasn't it Texas?): have you ever had it where your expectations and desires are totally met and then some, ect...

Well, the story goes on :)

In boredom, and feeling i had nothing better to do, I call La Luna at about 8:20 (show time was set for 9:00). This time i nearly pee my pants: the recorded message now said- "the Mr. Bungle show is STILL on. So get on down here! The roads aren't THAT bad!"

I am totally freaking out, but the problem is that my parents would never let me drive in this storm (the wind has for the most part died down at this point, but trees and powerlines are covering many of the roads, a lot of which are closed down) so I pull my dad out of bed and beg him to take my friend and I to the show, which he agrees to, seeing how important it was to me :)

We get to La Luna with ease, no problems on the main highways, and I enter the main stage room with one of the greatest feelings of comfortableness (real word?) that I have ever felt in my life. Melt Bannana had just begun their set, and I totally thought they rocked. I won't describe them seeing as everyone here already knows all about them....anyway, the place was packed despite the horrendous whether and power outages all across town.

After playing the "fisting" tape and setting up their own equipment (well, Mike and Trevor did), Mr. Bungle came out on stage. Mike had a black hood, but with eye and mouth holes cut out crudely. Trevor had just a straight black hood on the whole time. Danny had the hood + paper santa clauses hanging from it, among other things, William had the top half of a phantom of the opera type mask, Bar had the miners hat (or was that theo? not sure between those two...) and theo was dressed kinda like a half samuri/ half hary krischner (sp) type guy. Trey had the funny mask with big glasses...

here is the set list, as best as i can remember and i'm sure I don't remember perfectly...

  • part of the bends
  • death metal song
  • Chemical Marriage
  • spanish lyrics song
  • Phlegmatics
  • Travolta
  • part of the bends
  • funky tune..sounded like theme song to a tv show or something
  • Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz
  • Carry Stress In The Jaw
  • Desert Search For Techno Allah
  • Backstrokin'
    Encore 1
  • Spy (2nd half of Carry Stress In The Jaw)
  • another death metal song
    Encore 2
  • "Everybody's Working For The Weekend" (Loverboy)

the show was INCREDIBLE. the sound quality was amazing, the talent of all the band members was amazing...it was a wonderfull experiance. The crowd was actually sort of decent....there were people who shouted "love is a fist" ect...but at the same time everyone totally got into Meeshka, desert search, Chem marriage, ect....dancing about and giving huge applause...there was very minimal amount of criticism regarding what they did do, thank god. I of course really only wanted to hear DV, and would have been perfectly happy had thye not even played Travolta, which was cool (and the crowd went nuts for it). The crowd bascially liked anything they could move to....

the first encore was extremely long (and they had an applause light thing above the crowd flashing "applause applause"..you get the idea) and the crowd just went nuts screaming, clapping, chanting....when the band came back on stage Mike said "Wow!....whoa! you guys are a heavy crowd! and you got some damn heavy weather!" everyone was of course yelling affirmatively to all this....at this point I sensed some sarcasm in what Mike said, though i'm not sure why. I think he just likes to play with fans :) ...anyway- "Heavy crowd, heavy weather, i think that calls for HEAVY MUSIC!!!" and the crowd went nuts...i think he was playing off of their like for old bungle type metal (love is a fist, ect..) beccause we all know they don't like to play that stuff anymore....then MIke starts hitting himself in the chest with both hands the way someone does when they are picking a fight and while doing this yells "huh?! huh!? come on! come on! heavy? you want heavy!?!"

the sarcasm was definately evident, although the but rockers didn't catch on (hehe). I thought it was really funny. Then they started up Carry Stress, which of course has its "heavy" parts...but even at the very start the crowd went nuts.

All the band seemed pretty into the show..Mike messed around with the speakers below him on the floor a lot during the first few songs, but also went totally nuts during the death metal songs (he did a rad jump during the second one). But he seemed to enjoy doing the lighter stuff the most, like the Spanish lyrics song and the weird Tv-show tune type song...and the Loverboy cover. These he seemed to be really having a good time with, If my judgement means anything :)

Trevor was awsome, I was right below him. I loved it when he used the upright, and he was always tapping his toes and groovin about...he put out a lot of charisma for having a black hood on the whole time :) Trey was amazing, often switching between keyboards and guitar within one song.....but all you already know about all of this. Mike blew a kiss to the auidance before leaving the stage after the final song.

All in all, an incredible show. I got both stickers, the green shirt and the 7", which I think is pretty cool despite being very noisy and just overall odd. (it was ten bucks)

I met 3 of the Melt Banana members after the briefly, they were very friendly and extremely likeable. Trey was talking to some girls over by the staff only doors, while the people without passes in the t-shirt line just sorta watched him (like me). Mike came out at one point and everyone pretending to be waiting in the t-shirt line just so they could watch the band members walk about next to them (like me :) was like "look! It's Mike Patton!" and they would say "hey Mike! Mike!" but he characteristically ignored them and went back through the staff doors.

All in all, an incredible show, my favorite concert thus far in my life :) The tour is over now (I post this today because my power come on about 2 hours ago, that is three days with no power...urgggh) so I hope you all had an experiance as good as mine at the shows you went to :)

I gave my Portland show review yesterday, but left two things out that some people might find interesting-

1. the also played backstrokin' (woo-hoo!)

and 2., this is a bit more interesting and I don't know if this was done at any of the other shows ?

2. Bungle had the bassist from Melt Bananna come up on stage, Mike gave her a microphone, and they did this beautifull little musical piece with her singing in....soft ambient type vocals (for lack of better description) while Mike played a nice melody on his little keyboards. It was really cool.

Until later,

Mike Grudkowski

Source: CVDB
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