San Diego, Soma
  1. "Loss For Words" (Corrosion Of Conformity)
  2. Secret Song
  3. "La Lucertola" (Ennio Morricone)
  4. (Pit)
  5. ? (Mukerjee)
  6. Travolta
  7. "Der Zinker" (Peter Thomas)
  8. Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz
  9. "Let Me Out"
  10. "Love In Space" (Peter Thomas)
  11. Chemical Marriage
  12. Desert Search For Techno Allah
  13. The Bends - Love On The Event Horizon
    ["Muscoli" is crossed out above 'event']
  14. Carry Stress In The Jaw
  15. The Bends - Drowning Flute
  16. "Cold World" (Siege)

I wuz at the San Diego Bungle show last Friday and I can faithfully say that it was nothing short of spectacular, however it was kinda short. Anyway they played:

    2 cover songs i didn't recognize(not the Lover Boy song)
    A short cover of Melt Banana
    Secret Song
    Chemical Marriage
    Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz
    After School Special
    Carry Stress In The Jaw
    some Bends exerpts
    Desert Search For Techno Allah

The order is messed up, but that's what they played. They of course had the little interludes of improv stuff. That was where the audience was really getting on my nerves and a lot of people's nerves who were near me. They were like "Play some MUSIC!" "Play something FAST!" "Play Egg, please! With sugar on top!!" <---that guy was a big fat idiot who, during Travolta, was signing along and he was louder than Mike!! Mother fucker..sorry. I can really sympathize with the guy who posted earlier about one of their shows.(NY?) They played everything perfectly and even made some songs sound better that they are on the album! Like Techno Allah and After School Special for instance. I wish I could have booted it...

Mike had on that tight rubber mask, Trey had a Phantom of the Opera mask w/sunglasses...Heifetz had a executioner's hood, so did Trevor Dunn, Bar wore weird glasses, and Theo looked like a high school band teacher. Mike was hilarious. Apparently they screwed up on a part of the Bends, which I didn't notice. He said..not quoting verbatum here.. "That really sucked! Wasn't the worst fucking thing you've ever heard? That really fuckin sucked! We're gonna have to do that again." They did it again and some dude said "it still sucks!" Mike and Theo gave a thumbs up. Somebody threw a Crystal Geyser bottle on stage and Mike said somthing like "Com'on hit me again! I dare you." Then he bent over and displayed his head for them as a target. "Come on San Diego! Is that all you got? Well then keep your fucking mouths shut!" The crowd cheered and he said "What are you cheering about? Shut the fuck up!"

After the Bends I think he said, "That was an original composition."
Some fool in the crowd yelled, "Aren't they all?"
Mike said, "No, most of them are STOLEN." The crowd laughed.
Mike then said, "Great composers steal, lesser composers merely BORROW.
You guys know who said that? Igor Stravinsky..." Pretty coo'.

Eric Koda

Source: CVDB
1995 12 8 Mike
Source: CVDB
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