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Okay boys and girlz, here's the scoop. bungle hit austin tonight and it was a CRAZY night. alan and i wen tot the venue at about 2pm this afternoon and awaited thier arrival. unfortunately, they didn't show up until six. that left us with very little time to get to know them. we met danny before hand (vis a vis our friend john) and he looks really weird. he's shaved his head and has this crazy bushy beard. he's actually really nice. interestingly enough, everyone (with the exception of their prima donna, patton) was in a very relaxed and cheery mood. most surprising of all was that theo isn't as bad as we've made him out to be. we feel that he's redeemed himself and is underserving of all of the thrashings that he has recieved on cv. he's actually a pretty laid back guy. alan thinks that talking to trey (as one guitarist to another) was one of the high points of the night, since trey is one of his major influences. unfortuanately, trey has distanced himself from his beginnings and lays no claim to turd. what a liar. harharhar. but i get ahead of myself.

here's the setlist:

  1. "Love Dance of the Saroos" (Joe Meek)
  2. Phlegmatics
  3. After School Special
  4. "Muscoli Di Velluto" (Ennio Morricone)
  5. The Bends - Aqua Swing
  6. "Cold World" (Siege)
  7. ( )
  8. Carry Stress In The Jaw
  9. The Bends - Panic In Blue
  10. "La Lucertola" (Ennio Morricone)
  11. "Let Me Out"
  12. Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz
  13. "Everybody's Working For The Weekend" (Loverboy)
  14. Desert Search For Techno Allah
    Encore 1
  15. ? (Mukerjee)
  16. "24.000 Baci" (Adriano Celentano)
  17. Merry Go Bye-Bye
  18. Chemical Marriage
    Encore 2
  19. Travolta

length: about 2 hours
the crowd, you ask? well, it wouldn't stop yelling for girls of porn and someone was actually asking for 'bloody mary' of all things. most of people didn't know who the members were. they came out and did their own stage setup and one guy turned to us and asked, "where's patton?" and "who's trey?" yep, boys and girls, masks were an integral part of the show. william and trey wore phantom of the opera masks, but trey had sunglasses on during the entire. bar and theo were maskless. trevor and mike wore a black hoods.

patton expressed his discontent with texas once again. during the same riff song, people were yelling things and he said, "texas never fails to disappoint!" and "are you done? i know you can do better than that!" when the audience was yelling insults to him. the sound was great. william is actually very impressive live. we think that he'd be very useful as a permanatent member. in fact, even he said that he'll be on the next album. and good new for you european fans! tour dates were booked today, and theo was very excited to be going there. patton was (as usual) quite the elusive little monster. he only signed one thing, sneaked onto the van and left. well, it's late and i have class tommorow, so I'm going to go to sleep. Alan's gonna fll the rest of you guys in on some rumour truths tommorow. great fucking show. make damn sure that you don't miss it when it comes to your town.

Carlo Savino

Quickly while everything is still somewhat fresh in my head...

I just wanted to add a few things left out in Carlo's review of the Bungle show in Austin. Trey denies everything about Turd. In fact he didn't even acknowledge its existence. I felt kinda stupid at that point when he asked where I get my info from...(it's all CV's fault!!) Trey says the $2 mail stuff will be sent out after the end of the tour so hold tight little ones, your gift is on its way. I think I liked meeting him best just cuz he's such a great musician and really chilled out in person. oh, he said Faxed Head has some stuff out that can probably be found at indie stores...

Talked to William about his involvement in any future Bungle projects and he said they've already got some stuff recorded for the next album in which he will provide his services on. The show seemed really "complete" with William and I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up a permanent member.

Trevor wasn't exactly how I pictured him to be. He's quite short and a bit stocky however his honesty and benevolent nature make him the biggest member of all. what a laid back guy...Trevor said that they've been planning on playing Violenza Domestica although its live incarnation would have a slightly different structure. In fact he said, most of the time they write by "how this sounds on record" as opposed to " how this sounds live". They record stuff first, then they figure out how to play it live! those whacky boys...

Theo surprised me the most. After hearing on and on about how big of a dick he was and expecting the worst when approaching him, Theo turned out to be one hell of a guy. Sure, he still owes people shirts and what not, but not one word of sarcasam or obnioxiousness came from his lips. Hmmm. He even told us that European dates were being booked as of today. So, all you folks overseas...be prepared!!!

Danny's a grumpy old man... no he's not actually although that crazy beard and bald head of his may lead you to think so...he's really a cool guy. I think he's out drinking right now with a few friends of mine and won't meet up with the rest of the Bungle boys till 10:30 am tomorrow(or later today i guess)
See? Still got a little spirit in him.He's not THAT old...

Patton? After playing the roadie character, he skillfully managed to get away from just about everybody and boarded the van without signing more than 2 autographs. He seemed really anti-social and wanted to get outta there as fast as he could, I guess. oh well, can't get em all.

All in all it was a treat to meet the creators of the sonic wonders that had entertained us tonight. For everyone else who has yet to see them, you shall not be disappointed!

Alan Demafiles

Have you ever had your high expectations completely fulfilled and then some. I drove 13 hours down to Austin, Texas, arriving in the city around 12:30pm. Half of the band actually pulled up around 1:30 in their rented RYDER truck containing all of the instruments to be used, clothes, etc. Theo was driving the vehicle and I must say it was very surreal to see he and trevor pull up and park. They unloaded most of the equipment and then walked downtown to kill time. I basically hung out so long in front of the venue that I eventually came to befriend the "house manager", most of the crew and the skinhead bouncers. They were all really friendly and let me wait inside in order to watch the soundcheck ..........I think the band perhaps thought I was an employee of Liberty Lunch. I'm not going to go into detail about the Austin show since it has already been reviewed, but let me just say that the venue was horrible for Bungle's style of music. I came away unsatisfied and sadly dissapointed. No matter how tight the band played...the output became a thick barrage of mush. To put it plainly...it sounded like utter shit. The crowd was full of a bunch of underage, ignorant brats who had no patience in dealing with the technical problems that arose. I was in the very front from the beginning and I thought that maybe if I went to the back of the club the band would sound more cohesive...it just wasn't a very good show. I blame the sound engineer or the venue, which may be a quality place for hearing punk bands who need volume in order to hide their lack of skill, but it is imperative that Bungle play halls that are more suited.

... continued in Dallas

Ralston Andrew Patrick

Daily Texan article about this show.

Mr. Bungle - Liberty Lunch; Austin, Texas; Dec. 4, 1995

Set list:

  1. Instrumental (mostly keyboards)
  2. Another Instrumental
  3. Phlegmatics
  4. Part of The Bends
  5. After School Special
  6. This cool song where Mike hummed "hmmhmmhmmhmm", and Trevor played an upright bass
  7. This hardcore, thrash song where Patton freaked out and played cymbals with his head
  8. The Bends
  9. Carry Stress in the Jaw
  10. The Bends (again)
  11. This Really long part where Trey repeated the same notes over and over, the crowd yelled for old songs, and Patton insulted the crowd, Austin, and Texas.
  12. Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz
  13. Everybody's Workin' for the Weekend (Loverboy Cover )
  14. Desert Search for Techno Allah
    Encore 1
  15. A slow song where Mike whistled
  16. A song in Spanish
  17. The beginning of Merry Go Bye Bye (instrumental only, keyboards only actually)
  18. Chemical Marriage
    Encore 2
  19. Travolta

Part One: The Bum
After a three hour tour...umm...drive I mean, we got to Awestun. Downtown Austin is...well...downtown. Bums and stuff. Cool safe parking, etc. Went backstage. Well...went to the other side of a fence. Saw the band. Well, saw some people we knew were in the band, and some people we thought were in the band. Saw some other people too. One was a bum. We were pretty sure he was not in the band. We gave him 75 cents, and a guitar pick. He was a happy bum. We then journeyed to the End of the Line.

Part Two: Melted Fruit
Melt Banana was LOUD. Thought she was singing, er..screaming, "I can't hear, you can't hear." Maybe...maybe not. They are a very different band, I can see why Bungle picked them. Still very loud.

Part Three: No More Bum
The Bum got arrested outside by The Cop. BUMmer. Didn't get to hear Mr. Bungle. (Either The Cop or The Bum) :(

Part Yay: Bungled
Costumes: None...most of the band wore t-shirts and pants. Rather normalish. Trey wore a red kimono over his clothes. One of the horn players wore a button-down shirt.
Masks: Hmm...Patton wore a black executioner's-type hood, with eye holes that were a wee bit too close together and made him look very disturbed. And a mouth hole that was off-center. Trevor had on a tight, black hood, with no eye or mouth holes. Trey had on a half-mask, that covered everything from the upper lip up. It was white. He had on black sunglasses too. Percussionist had a similar mask, for at least part of the show. None of the horn players wore masks. Drummer boy (Heifetz, I Quit, Danny, or whatever) had a black mask and a Christmas Tree on his head. Silver Garland, Frosty the Snowman, etc. Quite festive.

Bungle put on a great show. They playing so many songs that weren't off their albums. I loved going in there and not knowing half the songs that they were playing.

It was a pretty normal (as far as Bungle goes) show up until right a really long version of the bends (right after Carry Stress in the Jaw). As the song was spiraling down, the crowd started yelling for old Bungle songs. Trey started repeating the same four twangs on his guitar as Mike grabbed his schlong and (blah blah blah). Mike then went into a bizarre and unsettling blank stare as Trey kept up the same tune for about 8 minutes. The rest of the band just kind of sat around and watched. Finally, the crowd started to die down a bit and Mike said, "What? Did you run out of things to yell?" The crowd then regurgitated screaming with new furvor and Mike said, "Boy, Texas just never gets the point." and "What, you actually like it here?" And they kept up the same tune for about another 8-10 minutes. Finally, they broke out with Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz.

After Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz, Mike said, "This is for all of you people who we will never be able to satisfy." Bungle then returned to the eighties playing the Loverboy song. The rest of the show was great. Desert Search for Techno Allah went beyond, the ending seem to go on forever but nobody was complaining.

Then came the encores:
Bungle even played the very beginning of Merry Go Bye Bye on the keyboards for a few seconds. After the first encore, a couple lights turned on for a few seconds and the club started to play music like the show was over, but Bungle came back out for a final song. The crowd went wild for Travolta, obviously taking more of a liking to some of Bungle's older stuff.

After the final encore, Heifetz threw out a bunch of party favors including mini back scratchers and whistles with little propellers on the top. It's kind of interesting hearing everyone blowing them on tape.

Hobo and Cracky Cricket

Source: CVDB
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