Athens (GA), Georgia Theater

First off I want to say that the people by me....SUCKED. One guy left the show practically crying because they wouldn't play anything (meaning songs off of "Mr. Bungle"). Well, it started with Melt Banana, a band which I found to be extremely cool. The guitarist and bass player were incredible. Then I'm sitting there watching the techs set up for Bungle and I notice that the guy setting up the vocal mics bears a striking resemblence to noneother than Mike Patton. Well, it was....beautiful...a man that sets up his own equipment. Oh yeah, one thing that made me laugh my ass off. The guy next to me was talking about how the bass player was playing the same kind of bass the Flea plays, and he had this black thing over his head so you couldn't see him. They were convinced that it was Flea. i just wanted to say...You're new at this, right? I mean Trevor even talked a little. Last thing, Clinton looked like David Koresh, no mask or anything though. Mike was unmasked. Trevor had the black thing over his head. Trey looked like Bettlejuice..he had this white Phantom of the Opera looking mask on and a red Velvet jacket. Theo was dressed in a samari outfit. And Danny had this silver bubble thing with balls all over it on his head. There was another guy on stage. Anyone know who this was???? No member removed their masks or costumes. Anyway, here was the set.

  1. ? (Mukerjee)
  2. "Cold World" (Siege)
  3. Desert Search for Techno Allah
  4. "Let Me Out"
  5. Chemical Marriage
  6. Phlegmatics
  7. The Bends - Panic In Blue
  8. Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz
  9. "I Sin For A Living" (The Meatmen)
  10. (Organ)
  11. "Love In Space" (Peter Thomas)
  12. "Loss For Words" (Corrosion Of Conformity)
  13. Secret Song
  14. "Everybody's Working for the Weekend" (Loverboy)
  15. Travolta
  16. "Love Dance of the Saroos" (Joe Meek)
  17. Carry Stress in the Jaw
  18. After School Special
  19. Merry Go Bye-Bye
  20. ? (Armando Trovajoli)

that's it. It was an incredible show. It was well worth the six hour drive I had from Nashville to Athens....so if you are wondering if you should travel to see them....IT IS WORTH IT!!!!

Gym Eaton

The University Reporter article about this show.

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