Washington (DC), Black Cat
  1. Backstrokin'
  2. Desert Search For Techno Allah
  3. ? (Mukerjee)
  4. Travolta
  5. The Bends - Aqua Swing
  6. "Love Dance Of The Saroos" (Joe Meek)
  7. "Cold World" (Siege)
  8. ( )
  9. Chemical Marriage
  10. "Love In Space" (Peter Thomas)
  11. The Bends - Panic In Blue
  12. Phlegmatics
  13. ( )
  14. ? (Armando Trovaioli)
  15. Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz
  16. "I Sin For A Living" (The Meatmen)
  17. "Let Me Out"
  18. Carry Stress In The Jaw
    encore 1 :
  19. ( )
  20. "La Lucertola" (Ennio Morricone)
  21. The Secret Song
    encore 2 :
  22. "24,000 Baci" (Adriano Celentano)
  23. Everyone I went To High School With Is Dead

He he he I finally saw them live!!!!!. but I had to drive 6 hours from home to do it (oh well). anyway, we got to the black cat a little early and no sooner had we got there than down the street walks trey (a couple kids we were talking to went over to him and talked to him about the bands early demos (what kind of equipment they were recorded on, etc.) and asked about new album (half of which is already recorded!!!!) anyway, then patton came walking down the street making noises with his mouth (figures) and he kindly said hi and asked what was up... we talked to a roadie later and found out some shit about cover tunes and such cover tunes for this tour are :

  • everybody's workin' for the weekend -loverboy
  • Loss for words-corrosion of conformity
  • I sin for a living -the meatmen
  • (a song he didn't konw the name of) - siege
and that's all we got out of him.

ok so the show, Melt Bannana was fucking amazing they were the most brutal thing I had heard in a long time. they were REALLY good and the crowd loved them too.then bungle took the stage: ok here's what I could pick out

  1. Backstrokin' (with Theo Lengyel singing instead of Patton)
  2. Desert Search For Techno Allah
  3. ? (Mukerjee)
  4. Part of the Bends
  5. Travolta
  6. Another part from the bends with dunn on upright bass
  7. a really jazzy instrumental thing with patton scat singing
  8. a vocal duet between patton and percussionist william winnant
  9. Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz (there was a cover of what I think was that seige song at the end
  10. another hardcore cover
  11. another part of the bends
  12. Chemical Marriage
  13. Phlegmatics
  14. some real mellow thing with patton making these wierd noises at one point someone yelled "Jim Martin" and he did this deafiningly loud grunt.
  15. Carry Stress In The Jaw
    encore 1 :
  16. another part from the bends (the static part at the end)
  17. The Secret Song (the grandpa simpson song from disco volante except dunn didn't do the old man voice)
    encore 2 :
  18. some italian song that was upbeat and really cool
  19. Everyone I went To High School With Is Dead (the ending jam was the loudest thing I have ever heard in my life)

All in all everything I had hoped for they didn't say more than ten wrods to the audience and the assholes in the audience kept yelling for girls or porn and squeeze me maccaroni and yelling things like jim martin and chuck mosely so things were getting tense. at one point trey spit at the audience and theo and clinton kept saying things to them under there breath. I was surprised by the number of songs they played and even more surprised that they extended them all so it was well worth my money and the drive.

Jeff Gretz

I don't have the set list for the DC Black Cat show, but it was excellent. Definitely better than the Limelight show, security there were assholes and it was oversold and too crowded (but Bungle had nothing to do with any of the bad points, they played incredibly).

IN DC they played amazing as well, and it was a much smaller place with better visibility of the stage. I was right up front and Mike came out before they started to fix his keyboard and he didn't respond to any of the crowd's yelling

The crowd had many dicks in it who yelled songs from the 1st album all night until Trey spit at them, that was a highlight of the show. He wore a funky mask with sun glasses and phony hair. Patton wore a skin tight latex mask over his whole head with only eye and mouth holes (he had to keep wetting his lips over the mask and he has a pretty long tongue). That guy on percussion and Mike also did a little vomit-noise fest in between songs that was really really cool. They did 2 encores and after the last song (Everyone I went..) they left the stage with the instruments on the floor with very very very loud noises eminating.

The crowd had some jerks who kept yelling dumb stuff like Jim Martin, other bands' songs, etc. and trey seemed pissed about it, but otherwise they all played amazingly (especially Trevor and Patton) and put on an amazing show that even the 3 non-bungle fans I brought with me fully enjoyed. Two thumbs up,

Matthew L. Carlin

Well, I was there so why not? I don't remember the set list song by song but it seems the same as all the others with the exception of that Working for the Weekend song. They weren't quite goofy enough that night for that song. The show was well worth the wait and the distance (it took me a journey of slightly over 1000 miles, although I really didn't have to go THAT far...). But anyway, the show. I was completely amazed by the music (ofcourse) and also by how incredibly professional and serious they all were about it all. Especially since they were playing for a rather, uh, irritating crowd. I'm certainly not the first person here to complain about the idiots yelling absurd things in the audience. One girl screamed "I want Mike Patton's sex!" several times as Patton completely ignored it all. If the girl had been as close as I was she would've been able to see his wedding ring, but hell, groupies are a damned relentless bunch. Patton wore the most uncomfortable looking mask which was just some tight rubber hood with the necessary holes cut in it and he removed it for the encores. He has completely fashioned himself into an incredible instrument, at times he would use his hands to vibrate his throat and chest, pinching and grabbing at his skin or hitting himself. Of course he had some good equipment to start out with, but his practice has made perfect. Trevor wore that thin black hood under a hooded sweatshirt the whole time and we all joked that he is the Unabomber. He used his 5 string electric as well as an upright. William Winant was fucking incredible! He showed the most enthusiasm of all of them, running around the stage picking up all kinds of different shit to play on. At one point he and Patton did this inhuman duet of weird vocalisations. I'm kind of short, so I couldn't really see much of anything else. I mainly kept my eyes on Trevor's hands the whole time. I didn't see Theo or Bar at all, or even Danny. I could only see Trey a few times.

I liked Melt Banana a lot. They quite possibly caused me permanent hearing damage, but they seemed like good kids. I met the drummer after the show and the poor guy was half dead from this cold he'd picked up. He played beautifully for such a sick guy. The Melvins album they played between Melt Banana and Bungle almost killed everyone with anticipation.

The funniest thing was that a friend of mine was at the show that I didn't even know was there till we hooked up later in the week, and she was there with a friend who knows the band so she got to hang out with them for a bit. Yeah, I missed the chance of a lifetime, eh? Would've just made me nervous anyway. She walked into the club with them and said that the employees didn't believe them when they said they were the band and asked for their band ID's. She also said that there was no toilet paper in the bathroom backstage and that a few band members were screaming "Cornholio, need TP for Mr. Bungle!" in their best Beavis voices from the stalls. She's not a fan and had no point of reference when talking to Mike so she told him about the time that my ex and I stole pictures of him at the grocery store from metel mags years ago. I don't know about you guys but being a fan makes me feel like a dumbass (not that I'm not one otherwise....). At least someone got a laugh at my expense.

We watched them take down their equipment after the show, but didn't say anything. We did steal Trevor and Mike's water though because you get thirsty after being in the pit that long and they were drinking beer anyway. Bungle seem to be moving more towards a sit down KF type show setting, but unfortunately a good portion of their fans still want a lot of thrash stuff and can't recognize the change (still frozen in ice?) and just wanted to hear Love is a Fist. People bitched the whole time they weren't playing hard stuff, which was most of the time. All those fuckers who just care about Patton singing a lot and freaking out should really just stick to FNM shows or else keep their fucking mouths shut when they're at Bungle. Bungle played what they wanted to play. They played what they wanted us to hear. Bungle has matured, and it's a damn shame that many of their fans haven't. So, if any of you out there (although I hope we're all a little more mature than the 'fuckwits' I encountered) think you'll feel the urge to scream "GIRLS OF PORN!!" during parts of The Bends, please just stay home.

Sorry about the length guys. Couldn't quite help myself. Sorry as well about the bitching, I realize that you guys are not as bad as those immature freaks, but they really pissed me off.


Melt Banana and Mr. Bungle concert review

Melt Banana are from Tokyo, Japan, and this was their first time in Washington DC, performing at the Black Cat. You could hardly believe that the voice that made this announcement, Melt Banana's female lead vocalist, could screech in a way that would put Kat Bjelland (of Babes in Toyland) to shame. It's also always surprising to me that groups like Melt Banana, coming from a country with strict values and disciplines, could unleash such a wall of what has now come to be known as Japanoise. A simple and nice explanantion is that Japanoise provides a cathartic release for the younger generation in Japan today. However, that doesn't diminish the amazement I feel whenever I hear such music. While I don't get into the music a whole lot, I couldn't help but not my head at the end of Melt Banana's performance. The sheer raw passion and aggressiveness is a sight to behold.

Mr. Bungle put on a show unlike any I have seen. I have mixed feelings about it, and I'm sure most people who were there do as well. To what extent is Mr. Bungle's performance "art"? And to what extent is it just a load of crap? While I tend towards the former, it is hard for me to take any form of music that seriously and not acknowledge that there is some BS in almost all art.

The band came out with masks and this added to the overall eerie effect they projected with their music. The masks disguise all emotion from the performer and it was weird watching powerful and self-indulgent performances without any facial expressions behind them. Mike Patton, who is the vocalist here (he's also the vocalist for Faith No More), wore this off-white translucent mask which made him look like the lead character from Powder. The stuff they played appeared to be a lot of improvisation, with a few tunes, if you could call them that, coming off of their latest release, Disco Volante, and one coming off of their first self-titled release. The songs in general consisted of a variety of instruments, from the standard guitar and keyboards to trumpets, saxophones, and xylophones. Usually the songs alternated from really mellow to really thrashy. They were syncopathic and arrythmic (which confused all the would-be moshers), dissonant and cacophonic, and as I said before, self-indulgent and passionate. I liked the keyboard and guitar work of Trey Spruance (I think, who also goes by the name Uncooked Meat Prior To State Vector Collapse) the best. In fact, I think the keyboards were the highlight of the show, since they indulged in a lot of electronic noise mixed in with some really catchy melodies.

It's hard for me to write a review of the show, mainly because what they did was not standard entertainment, but really performance art. But if you are interested in the bizzarre and the off-beat, and are willing to put with a bit of self-indulgence in the name of art, then be sure to check them out in concert. I guarantee it'll be a memorable one.

Ram Samudrala

Mr Bungle is one of the most amazing bands to hit the scene in the last few years. They were even better live. This may not have been the best show I have ever seen, but it will certainly be one of the most memorable.

After what seemed like FOREVER, the band finally took the stage. Of the 7 band members, 6 of them had disguises on of some kind so you could not tell who they were. I'm not sure which band members play on the first or the second album, but here's a run down of the guys on stage. It should be mentioned that the identity of some of these guys are unknown.

  • Guy #1 - listed in the credits of the first Mr Bungle album as "Scummy" and "Uncooked Meat Prior To State Vector Collapse" on the 2nd, I have no idea who this guy is. He wore half of a hockey mask, and dark sun glasses, had a scruffy beard and long raggy blond hair in a pony tail. He mainly played guitar, screeching out blistering solos, improv jams, as well as soft ambient stuff. He also played some kind of keyboards, which during some songs, he alternated with his guitar a lot. On a few songs, he played trumpet.
  • Guy #2 - this is Mike Patton (more widely known as the vocalist from Faith No More). He wore a clear rubbery mask that distorted his face. Mike took care of most of the vocals. He had 3 or 4 different microphones. Each produced a different effect. Frequently, during songs, he alternated between some or all of them. Most of what he was saying was not audible, or was in a language other than English. Probably the most normal song they did with the most audible vocals, was the song sung totally in Spanish. I had never heard this song before. Another song, he alternated vocals with Guy #7 doing a good Yamatsuke Eye thing, but they've got a awhile to go to top Mr. Eye.
  • Guy #3 - The Grim Reaper! This guy was the most mysterious of all. He is listed as Trevor Dunn in both album credits, but I don't know if this is his real name. He wore a black veil over his head. I am assuming he could see thru it. He was the real noise maker of the group with his bass. When he wanted to be loud, fast and heavy, he was LOUD, FAST, AND HEAVY. He's a monster. He could also mellow out too, and he was great doing some improv and soft stuff. He played a regular bass, and a standup bass (cello?) which he plucked, and bowed. He got some real cool effects with the basses too. He did some background vocals, and shook some marakas as well. He was my favorite guy. I watched him the most.
  • Guy #4 - He wore a black sheet with his glasses on the outside of the sheet. He played a lot of different instruments, but I could not hear a lot of what he was playing. He played saxaphone, clarinet, flute, trombone, trumpet (maybe), a kazoo (I think), some keyboards, and did some vocals. I liked his flute playing the best. His trombone work was good too.
  • Guy #5 - My memory is really fading for this guy. I could not see him very well from where I was. He wore a black sheet similar to guy #4. Originally, he started singing, so I thought *he* was Mike Patton. After the first song, he moved to the back. Mostly, he played keyboards, but also played saxaphone and clarinet. For one song, he switched with guy #6, and played drums, where he looked very comfortable. I'm guessing he was the guy behind the great keyboard work I was hearing.
  • Guy #6 - He came out with this wacky hat that had strings of baseball cards hanging from it. That hat didn't last long. He had a black veil on under that (similar to guy #3). He played drums only, except when he switched and played keyboards on one song. He kept a nice rhythm going, but I don't remember anything outstanding coming from him.
  • Guy #7 - This is the only one who never wore a disguise. He is listed as William Winant on the album credits. He was a percussion maniac! Bongos, cymbals, xylophone, gong, kettle drum and some other things (I really don't know what they are - the album credits him with these additional instruments: tablas, kanjira, sistrums, jews harp, and glockenspeil). He seemed like he was ALWAYS doing something. The show wouldn't have been nearly as good without him. Most of what he did was background stuff, but it made music that was good, GREAT!

Wow! What a show. They played for about an hour and a half. For both encores, only guys 1, 3, and 6 left their disguises on. I didn't recognize any of the other guys. Here's a set list (kind of):

from the first album

  • Travolta ("Quote Unquote" on later releases)

from the second album
  • Everyone I Went To High School With Is Dead (I think they played parts of this twice)
  • Chemical Marriage
  • Carry Stress In The Jaw
  • Desert Search For Techno Allah
  • Phlegmatics
  • Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz

Very few songs were exactly as they appear on the albums. They played a lot of other stuff including a song very similar to something on their early demo _The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny_, which was an all out brutal heavy metal grindcore attack.

Much of the other music was improvised and was completely unfamilar to me including the "normal" song sung in Spanish. Most songs (in true Bungle fashion) were all over the place - lots of soft and slow, then loud, heavy, and thrashy.

Of course with all of this, came some BS too. There were a lot of times when they really just seemed like they were screwing off. And, there was a lot of time in between some songs getting set up for the next one. This was partially due to all the different instruments they were playing.

The moshers at the show were probably the most annoying thing. Personally, I don't understand the need to mosh the way its done nowadays, especially at this show. What I see, is a bunch of idiots just looking for an excuse to slam into each other. During quiet times (and there were a lot of them) the crowd was yelling out anything and everything at the band. People should just shut up and let the band play.

I find both Bungle albums very different. The self-titled release (produced by John Zorn) is like chaotic-heavy-metal-jazzy-carnival music. It reminds me of some of John Zorn's stuff with the quick cuts, tempo and theme changes all over the place. Each song has vocals that are for the most part audible. Mike Patton plays a big role.

The 2nd album _Disco Volante_ is not nearly as heavy, and what vocals there are, are mostly not audible or are in some other language. And many of these songs remind me more of what little I've heard by Frank Zappa than John Zorn.

The first album made me an instant fan, so I was a little disappointed they didn't play a few more songs from it. Playing something like "My Ass Is On Fire", "Squeeze Me Macaroni", or "Carousel" would have topped off the night perfectly.

They played 2 encores, and I thought for sure they would play an old tune or 2. Nonetheless, this was an incredible show.

Its worth mentioning that the opening band, Melt Banana, was somewhat interesting. Melt Banana comes from Tokyo, Japan. They are an incredibly fast, brutal, and aggressive heavy metal band. All the vocals were screeched out (totally in Japanese, I think), by a female singer. The guitar player was a monster who just seemed to jam the entire set. They were mega heavy and REALLY loud.

That is all.


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