New York (NY), Limelight

Well here is the official setlist of songs scheduled to play, as given to the band members of the Limelight Show:

this is the one given for Trey, Bear, and Theo; possibly slightly different in a word or two than the one that was given to Mike (Hal got that one)

  1. "Cold World" (Siege)
  2. Chemical Marriage
  3. (Dark)
  4. Phlegmatics
  5. "Love Dance of the Saroos" (Joe Meek)
  6. The Bends - Panic In Blue
  7. Travolta
  8. "Love In Space" (Peter Thomas)
  9. Carry Stress In The Jaw
  10. "La Lucertola" (Ennio Morricone)
  11. Desert Search For Techno Allah
  12. The Bends - Aqua Swing
  13. "Everybody's Working For The Weekend" (Loverboy)
  14. ? (Armando Trovajoli)
  15. (Bari/Piano/Bass) *i believe Hal's copy ommitted the Piano.....
  16. Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz
  17. "I Sin For A Living" (The Meatmen)
  18. Backstrokin'
  19. ? (Mukerjee)
  20. Everyone I Went To High School With Is Dead

That is it. Now i know that they may have changed things around a bit. They played some familiar cover, but i cannot believe i forget the name. Something about the weekend....shit i forget.

Um, the Limelight is awesome. It is this cathedral turned into a club. The backdrop to the stage is a three story stained glass window. Really cool. i would think that maybe a total of 800 people were there, and yes, Zena, it was sold out. Hal and i got there at about ten to 9, and Melt Banana's set was all but over. This surprised me as the tickets said ten o'clock. i thought that Melt Banana wouldn't come on until 10, but that is when Bungle took the stage. But that is kind of irrelevant i guess. Hopefully i can get to see Melt Banana in Philly. Though noisy, i really would like a chance to swallow their whole set.

We didn't tape the show, though anyone could have easily sneaked in with a camcorder. Didn't check anything at the door. Too bad. We were going to, but Hal could not find his microphone (which means i cannot tape Tuesday either).

The show was just so awesome. It was the most incredible musical extravaganza i have ever experienced. i am so happy. It is incomprehensible how much i liked everything. Just amazing. Mike had five mics up on stage with him. The best and weirdest was this very small one that he actually put within his mouth to sing. He pursed his lips and put the mic in between his lips about an inch into his mouth and sung. So amazing. Cool effects all night with Mike's voice. In Everybody I went to High School with is Dead, Mike would scream with one mic in each of his hands, going from one mic to the other. That was really cool. Also got some effects from banging on end of the mic rythmically on the other side of the amp connected to his microphone setup thingee.

They all wore masks except Mike. Bear took off his mask about midway through. Speaking of Bear, he is nothing that is thought he would look like. He looks relatively young compared to the band, and he looks like a skater. Played great and all, just don't think i expected that. The masks were all basic black hoods. Trevor's hood was reltively thin, but he did the show without any eyeholes or anything. Didn't think it was quite that thin! Trey's mask had the nose and mouth all cut out, but it was turned to his left side. He played a lot of songs with either no vision, or only slight vision from his left eye! Pretty incredible for someone who relies on keyboards as often as he does. Trey also did not seem to have as many dreads as i remembered seeing.

Theo's mask was cool. You could see his glasses and his moustachee/goatee thing going on. Danny's mask was the whole black hood thing with things attached to the hood, draping over. Don't know if they were stickers or cards or what, but it looked really cool. Oh yeah, William did not wear any masks or anything. He was really cool, though. i think he fits in well with the whole Bungle thing. Seemed to be a part of the band.

It is hard to be piecing together everything at this moment. i think they played Chemical Marriage. i remember Mike's vocals on that. That was one of the early songs. Parts of The Bends was played throughout the show. For example, Panic. i think that actually worked pretty well. Even though The Bends flows as one complete song, the different tracks of it seemed to do well as transitions from one song to the next. Meeshka was incredibly super duper awesome. It was just a thoroughly enjoyable song. i also think Phlegmatics sounded really good. i heard Mike and Trey talking between some songs, and it was about changing the set list a little bit. i think that is how the Weekend cover got into the set list. That was a really good song (i feel like such a schmuck for not remembering the name). Their final song was Everybody. They did the first half of the song, played some other noise jazz type of thing and then played the end of the song. It was a truly long version of Everybody. i actually had just thought it had ended until they stopped playing the noise parts and finished with the song. Travolta was slowed down slightly as well. i think that was a good song. i *really* liked that second to last song they played. It was the one that featured William Winant on keys (the keyboard up with Mike). i called it a Spanish Rhumba type of thing, but Zena had said it was probably an Italian song....It was just so awesome. And i cannot get my image out of my mind: During almost the whole song, Theo was just standing there rubbing his stomach. Theo made great faces during the whole set. It was funny watching him just screaming out lyrics or making contorted faces during some of the songs. One of the noise/jazz songs they did in the middle of the set had Bear on drums (this is when he lost his mask) and Danny i think on Mike's keyboards. On a lot of the songs, Mike played bits and pieces on the little keyboard thing he had going on up front.

Mike seemed a tad cynical toward the crowd. Some pointing and I love you's were most of what he said. He also told us that we were a tough crowd and that they were going to try this new song out on us (the Weekend cover...drat i want to know the goddamn name). i don't know what he was really thinking though. He didn't seem that he was too into it. (i know that i was a tad wary of the crowd.....).

The crowd i think was pretty good; at least compared to the little i heard of Chicago. A lot of people seemed to get into the new stuff. i really didn't hear more than a scant few yells for old songs like My Ass is on Fire, for example.....Some guy yelled "Safeway" about 357 times during the show; more like three or four times between each song, but it annoyed me in any case. Hal and i yelled Mookie and Mookie Wilson a few times. i think Danny probably heard us. Wouldn't know why he wouldn't have. But i think a lot of the crowd was familiar with and enjoyed the new album and the songs they played from it. i did see some girls there solely to lust after Mike, yeah, but not too prevalent. And, not too surprisingly, the crowd had the largest reaction to Travolta. That song hurt the most (being near the front). They really responded to Travolta. i personally wonder why they chose that one to be the one from the last album.....Shoot, i have to go to bed now, i will finish this in the morning. i apologize if you all find this to be bland, repetitive, or boring. i tend to relive the experience when typing up my review....sorry. There was one comment that Hal and i heard as soon as we left the Limelight "i don't know who they think they are; trying to be John Zorn motherfuckers up there". i think it was something like that they said. Didn't like that one: i thought that Bungle played a great set, within their style of playing. i don't think they were trying to imitate Zorn up there. Zorn influence, yes, but that is all, just influence.

Oh yeah, that familiar cover song was "Everybody's Working for the Weekend". That was really cool. Mike almost seemed a little sarcastic before he went into the song i think. i don't think that is the actual title, but it was a real familiar song from the '80s i think with that as the main lyric.

The tape that Mike put in before the band came on was a tape about fisting! It was hilarious; referring to how a handkerchief in the left pocket refers to one thing and how it refers to something else when it is in the left pocket. How no matter how many times a guy has been fisted or buttfucked, it doesn't mean that he has a loose ass. It was so funny! i didn't see any costumes in the crowd save one guy who put on the coolest looking S&M black leather tie up in the back mask. It really was eerie and a little scary even. Pretty funny as well!

Marc Schoenen

Kerrang article about this show.

... continued from Boston

Saturday. we left Providence around 2, got there around 5. I met up with li's friends most of them I actually knew already. we went for dinner to a chinese restaurant and li and I parted to go to the limelight. someone told us the wrong time for the show, so we missed melt banana. we made our way through the crowd (it was a sold out show and tons of people were outside trying to get in -- of course we bought tix in adv). the stage was relatively small, but it was fine. mike did not have his mask on and it did make a difference -- not only because I wanted to see his face, but you know music itself changes when you can see the performer's expressions. something is inhibited when they have their faces hidden... anyway, the show was great again and I fought with guys twice as big as me for a space. I didn't let these guys push me back. after the show, i found trey and he was as friendly as the day before. some other people would come up to him and talk to him for 30 sec. or so, but he'd always come back to me and my friend. he forgot to bring the list of music he made for me, but he said he'd send it to me and asked for my address. we couldn't go backstage this time, because people who run limelight were assholes. li had a brazilian soda for mike (she gave him one long time ago and he loved it) and we waited for him to come out for a long time. while we were waiting for him, I talked to greg again. he was freezing, so I gave him a heat pad some band members came out as we were waiting outside and they were all very nice.

after 30 min. or so, this guy with a long beard and shaved head came out and greg gave him a key to a hotel room. me and li figured out that is the drummer whom we didn't meet the day before. so we went up to him and asked if he was danny. turned out that he was danny and we started to talk. then he asked us what we were going to do from then, so we told him that we were driving back to providence. he asked if we were hungry and if we wanted to eat with him. we couldn't believe he just invited us to eat. we drove him to the place where he was supposed to meet up with the rest of the band. it was a korean restaurant on 38th st. when we walked in, I thought I was dreaming. I saw 14 people sitting down including 5 guys from the band (that means all of them), their roadies, their guest drummer, and some other people we couldn't identify. we sat down to the next table with danny and as soon as we sat down, one of the guys on the big table carried dishes for us from their table. we didn't know who he was, and we just thanked him without giving any thoughts. I talked to trey again over the shoulder and as we were talking about my prof., the guest drummer, willie (he helped recording the new album -- his name is on the album cover.), said 'i know that prof. his name is shapiro, right? shep shapiro.' and told me how my prof. invited him to perform at brown about 5 yrs ago. later on he came over to my table to talk some more. he's really a famous drummer and I couldn't believe what was happening anymore. mike patton was very cautious to talk to his fans. that's understandable and I won't complain about it. just the fact that he looked over to my table so many times and he brought his dish for danny made me happy.

finally we were ready to leave and someone went 'o.k. $30 per person.' me and li looked at each other and we were like 'no shit.' then the guy turned toward us and said, 'since you guys came late, you three can pay $20.' then danny looked at us and said, 'that's a lot for you guys, right?' and we nodded. then he said,'don't worry about it. i'll pay for both of you.' it was so nice of him. as we were leaving, everybody was like 'nice meeting you' and shaking hands. then the guy who carried dishes for us earlier on came up to us to shake hands. my friend asked him what his name was and he said, 'i'm john.' later on we found out (after leaving the restaurant) it was the famous jazz musician john zorn who helped producing first mr. bungle album and still works with some guys in the band. we couldn't believe it nor we didn't suspect him to be john zorn because he looked so young. li asked if anyone needed rides, and all the roadies and some obscure guys go 'that'll be nice.' 'i do.' etc. mike and willie waved to us and walked away after seeing too many people wanting to get in the car. we ended up squeezing five guys in, but it didn't work, so danny offered to get out. it was too bad because we wanted to drive him instead of these roadie guys. (actually trey was there also.) the obscure guys turned out to be jazz musicians in the city. so we were the only fans out of all the people at the dinner. I still can't believe this happened. oh I forgot to tell you, but danny also gave us a cd of his other band. we left the city around 3:15 and got back by 6. I had the bestest days of my life.

Akemi Fujita

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