Detroit, St Andrews

I just got back from the Detorit St. Andrew's Hall show (it ended about a half hour ago.)

I'll try to remember the setlist as best as I can... it's mostly the exact same one from the Chicago show.

  1. Chemical Marriage
  2. "Let Me Out"
  3. Carry Stress in the Jaw
  4. ? (Armando Trovajoli)
  5. Desert Search for Techno Allah
  6. Secret Song
  7. (Trevor's cool standup bass solo with a bow)
  8. Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz
  9. "Sin For A Living" (The Meatmen)
  10. The Bends - Aqua Swing
  11. Everyone I Went To High School With Is Dead
  12. "24,000 Baci" (Adriano Celentano)
  13. ( )
  14. Travolta
  15. Backstrokin'
    Encore 1
  16. "Love Dance of the Saroos" (Joe Meek)
    Encore 2
  17. "Everybody's Working for the Weekend" (Loverboy)

Like I said, it's almost the exact same setlist as chicago's show... I know that isn't the EXACT order but it's close enough I guess.

My overall thoughts about show were that, it was pretty damn good (of course...) but the show I saw for their self-titled album was WAY better. I enjoyed it and all, but, it had some problems.

The mix wasn't that great, for one. It was ALL guitar, then drums. Trevor REALLY got drowned out, as well as Mike. At one point during the Secret Song (when Mike goes, "Znn znn znn, znn znn znn, znn znn...") he gave htis sound guy an AWFUL look and pointed his finger upwards. Man, did he look PISSED. He was like gritting his teeth and trying not to look like he was mad, but he was STEAMED.

Mike was pretty much pissed the whole night, now that I think about it. It really didn't seem like the show went the way he wanted it to. I thought his sound would be pretty good because Mike PERSONALLY came out and set up all his mic stuff... he was like his own little roadie.. heh. Don't get me wrong, he sounded great, (especially during Ma Meeshka Ma Skwoz... wow) but they needed to turn him up.

Another thing I couldn't belive was how much work Trey had to do! He was playing guitar, and he had TWO keyboards in front of him. He looked pretty frantic sometimes switching back and forth from instrument to instrument, and he missed some parts of some songs that had keyboards and guitar simultaneously. Mike had a keyboard in front of him that he really didn't use, and the guy who I thought was Barr was just banging on bongos most of the time. Theo also just sat around most of the time when no horns were going on.

Oh, the masks... Mike had like a panty-hose mask with holes for his eyes, nose, and mouth. Trey had that cool all black thing that wrapped around his head with the white suit coat on (and white glasses). Trevor had like a fencing mask on (or was it a bee catcher's mask?) Barr(?) had like a lame-o black mask on, Danny Heifitz had this weird mask with three goggles on the top... looked like a bug/gasmask. Theo(?) had thta miner's thing with the light on the top of it. Some other guy (?) had a grim reaper hood on.

Also, as posters from other cities have said, it was obvious what the crowd wanted to hear. Between all the songs they were creamig for about every song on the self-titled album. They all went crazy during Travolta... and some losers were actually COMPLAINING that they didn't play any "thrash stuff." What a bunch of idiots.

The opening band, Melt Banana, was really cool I thought. They The singer sounded like a yelping dog, the guitar player just wailed on his guitar and made pure noise, and the bass player beat on her bass and sounded Primus-esque with lots of muted strings and chords. They played staccato riffs while the singer just screamed. When they took a break and the singer talked to the audiece, she had this REALLY think accent and it was kind of hard to tell what she was saying. She said something like, "We are Melt Banana... form Tokyo, Japan... We are touring with Mr. Bungle... We are very... happy? And... lucky?" While she was talking, the japanese guy that was beating the life out of his guitar moments ago, was timidly walking around the stage and accidently backed into the drumset and knocked some drums over! They all seemed so quiet and shy when they weren't playing, but then when they played it was so aggressive...

Douglas William Cole

Mr. Bungle - Melt Banana
St. Andrews Hall - Detroit, Michigan
Tuesday, November 21, 1995

Metalheads. Can't live with them, can't live without them. "My hemorrhoids are bleeding!!!!!!" In a completely sold out venue I had to stand right next to the fuckin' metalhead who was trying to out-do cute old Mike Patton. He was yelling shit all night (see quotes above) just trying to create an old time metalhead stir because they weren't playing "Girls of Porn." From what I have read on this list recently it sounds like this could be a major problem at Bungle shows these days, so I think I'll take this time to do my good deed for the day and try to save the shows on the rest of the tour. Listen up you fuckin' piece of shit metalheads: DON'T GO TO THESE SHOWS!!!!! MR. BUNGLE ARE NOT FOR YOU ANYMORE, GO SEE FUCKIN' GRIM REAPER INSTEAD!! With that off my chest, on to the show, and what a great show it was!

Melt Banana proved to be the perfect opening band for Mr. Bungle. While I was not terribly impressed with their music I thought they put on a great show. The singer was absolutely awesome, she would talk in between songs and she sounded like an angel and then a song would start and she sounded like an animal in a furious fight. Great stuff indeed!! The crowd was pretty receptive to them and I thought that was cool. When the singer said thanks at the end of the show and said they were from Toyko the crowd started cheering and they all had smiles on their faces. I was glad the crowd didn't treat them like shit because Tokyo is too long of a trip to be treated like that.

I had high expectations going in to this show and let me tell you they were exceeded far and beyond. Mr. Bungle was absolutely awesome. I liked their "first" album but I think "Disco Volante" is even better. A lot of bands try to create very challenging music and by doing just that they tend to take it too far by actually making it anti-music. Mr. Bungle is a band that pulls it big time. Their music is not only very challenging to the listener but underneath all the layers is music that is very good to say the least. The show itself was great, I saw Spruance walking around the venue before the show and I thought he looked a lot younger than I thought, it was then that I remembered that these guys are very young yet. It seems like they have been around forever, lets just hope they are. I really believe that Mr. Bungle is the real future of music and I think they have created a genre in and of themselves. Brilliant. The stage was crammed with gear, keyboards everywhere and one entire corner of the stage was tons of percussion instruments where the brilliant William Winant did his thing. The set consisted of mostly new stuff (contrary to popular opinion I was very happy) and it sounded awesome. The set list was as follows (to the best of my knowledge):

Set list see above.

These are just the songs that I've heard of, they played a lot of other crap too. They all wore masks for the entire show. Trevor, Trey, Bar, Heifetz, and Winant were all wearing black masks. Theo was wearing a miner's helmet complete with operating light which he was shining on different areas of the crowd most of the night. It was a great show in which I will not soon forget. If there are any of you out there who are thinking about going to future shows, don't hesitate, it is well worth the trip and the money. As all of you Bungle fans know, these shows do not happen very often. See ya.

Eric James

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