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If someone were to ask me about the new Bungle tour, I'd have to say, "I hope you like the new album." Like the first two shows, the set was made up of most of the new album, a few covers, and Travolta.

Someone I know took pen and paper to the show and can provide an accurate set list, but they did play, in sorta correct order:

  1. "Radar" (Bernard Herrmann)
  2. Secret Song
  3. ( )
  4. Carry Stress In The Jaw
  5. "Love Dance of the Saroos" (Joe Meek)
  6. ( )
  7. Desert Search For Techno Allah
  8. After School Special
  9. ? (Armando Trovajoli)
  10. Phlegmatics
  11. ( )
  12. Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz
  13. The Bends - Aqua Swing
  14. ( )
  15. "La Lucertola" (Ennio Morricone)
  16. Platypus
  17. "Let Me Out" (Babs Gonzales)
  18. Everyone I Went to High School With is Dead
    Encore 1
  19. Travolta
  20. ? (Mukerjee)
  21. "Der Zinker" (Peter Thomas)
    Encore 2
  22. "Everybody's Working for the Weekend" (Loverboy)

Throw covers in there, like the ones for the first two shows and what seemed like parts of The Bends.

A few comments:
During the 2nd half of Carry Stress, Mike did the 'crying' part himself, but there was no old man.
Whoever mentioned Mike and his cool voice, was amazing. During the beginning of Ma Meeshka, he held the microphone directly above his head, looked straight up and tapped his neck. Sounded Perfect. The mix seemed to favor Trey(guitar and keyboard) and Trevor. Mike was pretty low in the mix the whole night.
Trey had the coolest costume, all white suit, mask, and huge glasses. I'm sure someone can fill in details. Bar(or Theo, I get them confused) wore a miner's suit, complete with the flashlight hat. He came out in the beginning of the show, aimed the light at people and pointed at them. Mike had non blue-jeans and a red shirt with a ski mask. He lost the mask in the 3rd song for the rest of the night. Trevor had a black hood on. At some point during Everyone I Went to High School With is Dead Trey lost all of his head gear and we got to see his cute head.
Between songs(and during mellow songs) people were yelling for just about everything off the first album. Eventually Trevor(or Mike?) said, 'Shut the fuck up!' Right before the Loverboy song in the 2nd encore, Mike said, "This is an old punk classic!"
A lot of the time Mike had two microphones and would sing into both at the same time. I guess he got tired of all those voice boxes he used to have. Why not have 10 microphones instead of 10 boxes that you have to switch? They were incredible live. But we already knew that.

The crowd wanted their "old" Bungle. I think a lot of people went home disappointed. Club Metro is set up for bands like Prong, Tool, and Korn. Mr. Bungle didn't fit in too well. Great for the first album, but not as great for the second. I loved it. The person I went with didn't really expect to enjoy it but came away all smiles.

Melt Bananananana is odd. It's bass and drum driven punk with a woman shrieking lyrics that are not even close to understandable. The guitar player had what looked like a giant bandage taped over his mouth and nose. Probably doesn't like smoke. He didn't really play any chords, just made odd sounds. When the lead singer said hi and said they were from Japan, someone yelled, "FREEBIRD." The usual song request.

Before the show they were selling a 7" which was very odd. I'm sure people on the list know what it is, but the cover shows a clown who is wearing a suit with "B" all over it and has just knocked half a woman's head off with a mallet. I know I've seen the picture before but I forget where. It's Italian and limited to 500 prints.

Side 1:Mi Stroke Il Cigaretto
Side 2:Porco Dio Contra Mancini/Il Forzo Del 1000 Finger Junior High Introduction.

There is lots of other stuff, but I'll let others fill in..

Of course, a lot of this my not be totally accurate.


Before the narrow-minded mike-patton-is-so-fucking-hot contingent (which i'm predicting is 95% of the posters on this board) get their worthless dreams shattered when they see bungle and they DON'T play "squeeze me macaroni" (TAKE THAT, FUCKERS!!!) let me just give a word of warning to the shopping public when deciding whether or not to attend the show. don't even bother prying yourselves away from your computers and actually risking human interaction (eek!!) at the show if your head hurts at the very thought of not having cut-and-dry songs handed to you on a platter. BE PREPARED TO HEAR MUSIC WITHOUT WORDS. IT EXISTS. Start boning up so you'll be able to follow along.

If i sound bitter, it's because i just attended the chicago show shoulder to shoulder with 1,100 of the most intellectually challenged human beings i've ever had the displeasure of swapping sweat with. The faith no more shirts were a really nice touch. One day i'm sure mike and/or trey will come up to you people and say, "Hey! You like faith no more? Well shit!!!! i am/was in that band! did you know that? will you be my best friend?" the faded, shrunken real thing tour shirts indicate that you are a TRUE FAN, down from the get-go. DFL, baby, DFL. my roommate says you guys are fuckin' idiots n' stuff (c) derek swanson 1995. if you'd like to take it up with him, mail blister666@aol.com. he's got a bigger pee-pee than all of you put together. remember kids, LEAVE THE METAL AT HOME and go fuck yourselves. and let me tell all you men in the house, i think i speak for women everywhere when i say that when i hear some pseudo-alternative cooler-than-you guy yell, "FREEBIRD!!!" for the fifty-third time, I GET ALL WET. SOMETHING ABOUT A LITTLE BOX WITH A MIRROR AND A TONGUE INSIDE.

I believe an anonymous "fan" summed it up best when he said, "man, anyone can make noise!!" and it takes a true asshole to pay $15 and complain about it, doesn't it [(c) ds1995]?? they don't care about you, just their drugs and money. i personally observed them boiling down $20 bills to inject into their smack-starved veins.

let me sum it up. mr. bungle put on an excellent show. most of their fans are dumb. some of them aren't. strive for excellence, frontbutts. open your minds. if you want song-witty banter-song-witty banter, go to a fucking hootie show. if you're willing to put aside the conventional ideas about music you've been fed since conception, you'll have a good time.

feel free to flame at ZENA9@aol.com. i anxiously await slurs from the freebird contingent.

Zena Burns

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