Setlist: May 31, 2008 Buckethead (solo) - Chicago (IL),Park West
1.Night of the Slunk

Title: Buckethead playing at Park West in Chicago 5.31.08
Length: 6:06
2.Crash Victim

Title: Buckethead crash victim in Chicago
Length: 1:55
3.Red Hot Mama

Title: Buckethead-Red Hot Momma Chicago 2008
Length: 5:39

Title: Buckethead Botnus Chicago 2008
Length: 4:31
5.Spokes for the Wheel of Torment

Title: Buckethead- Spokes For The Wheel Of Torment 5/31/08
Length: 2:09
6.Stepping Stone

Title: Buckethead-Stepping Stone Park West 2008
Length: 2:44

Title: Buckethead- Soothsayer Chicago 2008
Length: 9:00
8.Buckethead's Toy Store

Title: Buckethead-Buckethead's Toy Store-BatteryCage Brawls Chicago 2008
Length: 9:32
9.Fountains of the Forgotten

Title: Buckethead Fountains of the Forgotten 2008
Length: 3:20
10.Mad Monster Party

Title: Buckethead- Mad Monster Party 5/31/08
Length: 3:16
11.Foxy Lady

Title: Buckethead Foxy Lady 2008
Length: 1:39
12.Bolt on Neck

Title: Frankenstein Brothers- Bolt on Neck from Chicago 2008
Length: 7:45
13.Revenge of the Double Man

Title: Buckethead-Revenge of the Double Man Chicago Style
Length: 1:32
14.Gory Head Stump

Title: Buckethead - Park West - Chicago 2008
Length: 7:31
15.Ghost Host

Title: Buckethead - Park West - Chicago 2008
Length: 4:20
16.In Search of the - Vol 1 Track 2

Title: Buckethead 3/31/08 Chicago
Length: 2:34
Source: CVDB
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