Setlist: February 27, 2004 Buckethead's Giant Robot - San Francisco (CA),Slim's
1.Brain / Rocky 
2.Enter the Dragon

Title: Buckethead - Enter The Dragon Live at Slims 02.27.2004
Length: 2:28
4.The Sultan's Massacre  
5.Nottingham Lace

Title: Buckethead's Giant Robot - Nottingham Lace (Brain from Primus / Butthouse on Bass) - Upscaled to HD
Length: 3:34
6.Teen Town 
7.Unemployment Blues

Title: Buckethead - Unemployment Blues
Length: 2:20
8.Ghost Riders in the Dub

Title: Giant Robot - Ghost Riders In The Dub
Length: 6:11
9.Blues Jam 
10.Crash Victim/Black Science Navigator 
11.Giant Robot 
13.Ghost Dub (reprise) 
14.Leave Home 
15.Shame on a Nigga

Title: Buckethead - Wu Tang / Technotronic
Length: 2:11
16.Pump Up the Jam 

Title: Buckethead - Jowls
Length: 4:58
18.Night of the Slunk

Title: Buckethead's Giant Robot - Night of the Slunk - Slim's 2/27/04
Length: 4:56
19.Buckethead solo

Title: Buckethead - Slaps Taps and Broom Licks
Length: 6:12
21.AC//DC medley 

Title: Buckethead - Scraps
Length: 3:59

Title: Giant Robot - Scraps - Slim's - San Francisco, California - 2/27/04
Length: 4:10
23.Billy Jean 
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