Core Magazine November 1995

Core Magazine November 1995

Disco Volante - Mr.Bungle

Review by Sean Myers

Assume nothing. And most certainly do not assume that just because you enjoy vocalist Mike Patton's other band, Faith No More, you will have any kind of understanding of Mr. Bungle.

Calling this CD weird is an understatement, in the same way that calling it music could be considered a stretch. There is no apparent rhyme or reason to anything on this disc other than the fact that a group of musicians sat down, wrote and recorded it. I can't get any more descriptive than to say that I haven't been able to listen to Disco Volante in the daylight yet.

And that wraps it up.. A case of the reviewer being a little overwhelmed, I think.. it seems VERY diplomatic, too. That's my two cents worth of thought on that.

Thanks to Jamie Dirom.
Source: Jamie Dirom
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