INK NINETEEN-New Music Magazine (Georgia) Issue November 1995

INK NINETEEN-New Music Magazine (Georgia) Issue November 1995

Mr. Bungle - "Disco Volante"

by Michael T. Fournier

Super-cali-frits-ex-pi-alli-do-sish!!!! These guys are great. This is by far the best anti-industry, we don't care how it sounds, we like it album. If you thought their first album was lacking structure, this one is schizophrenic. Pure sonic mayhem! Even though the secret is out about these guys, they are still having tons of fun and it shows. If you never heard of Mr. Bungle, imagine about 7-8 different forms of music coming out your speakers: speed metal spliced with accomplished jazz elements; incongruent foreign languages spliced with merry-go round music; vocal garblings spliced with accordion, and more vocal garblings, all over a soft tender layer of sponge to absorb it.

At first listen, I was mesmerized, almost confused. The second listen is almost hypnotic, while anything after that makes me into a walking epileptic zombie. Forget any Mike Patton and FNM comparisons. That's like comparing great sex and celibacy. Tons of pictures to amuse you while you dissect this album, too. Get this before Mr. Bungle gets you!

Thanks to Warren Van Deventer
Source: Warren Van Deventer
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