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Disco Volante

Just in case you're wondering if Mr Bungle could release anything as good as their debut album. Yes! And it's called 'Disco Volante'.

When the disc begins spinning, you are greeted with the rather unfriendly 'Everyone I Went To High Scool With Is Dead'. A bunch of clever lyrics thrown over a droning guitar. Not why the Bungle fans bought the CD. Then back in true Bungle form, 'Chemical Marriage' begins. This is as close to carnival music as your're going to get, with no displeasure in the near future other than 'The Bends' , which is where the skip button comes in handy. 'Carry Stress In The Jaw' is a musical highlight with Mike doing a damn convincing Grampa Simpson.

There's as much contrast between the songs as there is brilliance in them. Although the difference between this and the last album is evident, we still have the Bungle trademarks; weird timing, a wacky sense of humour, and instant style changes. A perfect example being 'Merry Go Bye Bye' where we go from a daggy verse-chorus melody, to pure death metal in seconds. There are are only two sing along songs on the album, 'Merry Go Bye Bye' and 'After School Special' where Patton shines the most. The lack of lyrical content could be due to the fact that the main contributors are Spruance and Dunn. 'Disco Volante' is a dazzling bestowal from the band. It may not grab you immediately, but after a few listens you will definately grow to love it.

By Simone Don and Agatha Samborska

Thanks to Simone Don
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