Newspaper somewhere in the USA, Issue November 11, 1995

Newspaper somewhere in the USA, Issue November 11, 1995

Disco Volante - Mr.Bungle

by Mark Wedel

3 1/2 out of 4

That mischievous, sadomasochistic clown is back again. Mr. Bungle showed with it's 1991 self-titled debut that metal doesn't have to be dumb - it can be musically challenging, outright artistic, while being obnoxious, scary and obscene at the same time. With "Disco Volante," the band has dropped much of the metal and lyrics, resulting in an atmospheric swiriling mix of sounds - atmospheric, like Jupiter's. Hyper bebop jazz melds into spastic chittering thrash, haunted-house organ flips to clownish ska horns, cool and quiet lounge music tricks you into turning the volume up so your windows rattle when that blast of pure noise pounces. Mr. Bungle (the not-so-secret side-project of Faith No More's Mike Patton) exists in the world of Frank Zappa and John Zorn, where music is a serious art form that one can have some very demented fun with.

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