Setlist: September 5, 2012 Fresno (CA), Tower Theatre

Title: Buckethead Tower Theatre Jowls
Length: 1:57

Title: Jowls Frezno
Length: 5:09

Title: BUCKETHEAD~9-5-12~FRESNO~part 1
Length: 14:42

Title: Robot-Buckethead, Fresno 05.12.2012.mp4
Length: 4:47
2.The Shores of Molokai´╗┐ 

Title: Buckethead and Psticks at the Tower Theater
Length: 6:01

Title: Buckethead in Fresno, 05 Sept 2012.mp4
Length: 2:04

Title: BUCKETHEAD~9-5-12~Fresno~part 2
Length: 16:06

Title: Buckethead Fresno 5th Sept 2012 Soothsayer
Length: 5:45
5.Welcome to Bucketheadland

Title: Buckethead - Welcome to Bucketheadland (and others) (Live)
Length: 8:54
6.Gory Head Stump

Title: Buckethead Gory Head Stump Fresno 5th Sept 2012
Length: 6:23

Title: BUCKETHEAD~9-5-12~Fresno~part 3
Length: 13:03

Title: Buckethead Fresno 5th Sept 2012 Lebrontron and The Embalmer
Length: 10:49
8.The Embalmer 
9.Crash Victim 
10.Dance & Toys

Title: Buckethead Nunchucks 5th Sept 2012 Fresno
Length: 1:10

Title: BUCKETHEAD~9-5-12~Fresno~part 4
Length: 14:07
12.Griffin's Spike 
13.Buckethead's Toy Store

Title: Buckethead Fresno 5th Sept 2012 last 20mins ending with Jordan
Length: 18:25
14.Fountains of the Forgotten

Title: BUCKETHEAD~9-5-12~Fresno~part 5
Length: 11:04
16.Pure Imagination 
17.Night of the Slunk

Title: Buckethead - Night of the Slunk (Live)
Length: 5:10
Source: CVDB
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